Purolator Offers Various Shipping Supplies and Packaging Solutions

  • Snap Desk
  • 29-Jul-2021
Freight & Cargo

Purolator is a courier company in Canada and is co-owned by Canada Post & Rainmaker Investments Ltd. The company is highly involved in food insecurity initiatives all across Canada. Since 2003, the Purolator Tackle Hunger initiative has delivered over 18 million meals to food banks across Canada.

Additionally, as part of the same initiative, Purolator has renovated and donated 20 curbside delivery vehicles to Canadian food banks and food organizations. The Canadian Football League is a partner in the Purolator Tackle Hunger initiative and raises awareness through Game Day Drives.

The platform also makes arrangements for an annual hunger drive to spread awareness. The drive is utilized to assemble donations from supporters of the cause within Canada.

Services provided by Purolator

Purolator provides their customers with convenience and easy access. As a customer, you can choose the most convenient option from various shipping supplies and packaging solutions. This service even gives you the option of using your packing according to your shipping needs.

If you choose this option, make sure to follow packaging guidelines and tips on the website. For additional assistance regarding the packing, visit the nearest Purolator shipping center. Purolator also provides their customers with the express envelope service. This service includes the provision of a legal-sized cardboard shipping envelope that is ideal for your essential documents.

Purolator advises their customers to use the Purolator express pack for shipment up to 3lbs. This packaging enables the fastest mode of delivery to its destination. Lastly, the company has a durable ridged cardboard shipping box that is ideal for binders and large documents. The box is specially designed for packages that require handling protection.

International Shipping Services with Purolator

Purolator is one of the most efficient and trustworthy shipping services in town. Therefore, shipping with this platform means shipping your parcels confidently to the U.S. & around the world. This is all possible because of Purolator’s suite of international courier services. The platform enables customers to process their shipments with completed customs clearance paperwork. Thus, ensuring the reduced risk of customs delays.

Additionally, this process also helps to ensure shipments reach their destination on time. Now customers can also access all kinds of forms and documents with the company’s Trade Assistant tool. Therefore, making the process of internationally shipping parcels as easy as ABC.

You can begin the shipping process by simply locating a Purolator dropbox, Shipping Centre, or Authorized Shipping Agent near you. Moreover, the company is excellent for people looking to conduct their business globally. By getting access to Purolator’s variety of shipping rates, international shipping is cost-effective and efficient.

Each shipment is based on the postal code from which the load is being made. The good people at the company understand that their success is driven by the promises they keep. The company has more than 25 years of cross-border shipping experience. Thus, customers can count on them to deliver promises all around the world. Purolator also has export specialists available for support to their customers at all times.