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  • Snap Desk
  • 29-Jul-2021
Transportation Services

In 1990, the company went through some massive restructuring in terms of IT and infrastructure. This renovation was also introduced with online tracking and constructing the company’s National and International sorting hubs. The company has been known to provide exceptional services in the last decade. This was mainly possible due to the investments made in their technical department.

Moreover, added 12 new and depots to enhance their network in 2013. Currently, the company operates a hub & spoke collection along with a delivery system with 54 depots across the UK. Thereby feeding three highly automated tracking and sorting centres.

Services provided by is a company that can be trusted to deliver your parcels and your promises at home and abroad. They are well-known for being responsible and accountable for all their deliveries. The company is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that good quality can also be good value.

The platform also offers a wide range of pocket-friendly services. Moreover, they deliver to all location in the UK! offers their customers a range of flexible and convenient delivery options. This includes delivery to over 11,000 local post office branches, in case a customer isn’t available to receive their parcel.

The plus point is that they also deliver on Saturdays. Lastly, customers with a business account hold the key to additional special services and interactive text facilities.

Environmental Policy aims to become the most trusted worldwide express carrier in the UK. Therefore, as part of its vision, the company aims to stay committed to environmental protection. Thereby, they strive towards achieving environmental compliance throughout their business activities.

As part of their environmental policy plan, the company recognizes the role they play in the community. Their operations essentially interact with the environment. Thus, they are dedicated to curtailing the adverse effects it has on the environment. maintains an Environmental Management System at all their worksites that are certified to the standard ISO14001 (2004).

The platform considers this as an appropriate way to demonstrate the robustness of their managerial approach towards environmental improvement. With these policies, the company aims to work on several environmental hazards. This includes pollution by controlling releases to the environment by monitoring the service they provide.

Furthermore, they identify and manage key risks and make arrangements to respond to all foreseeable incidents and emergencies. Thus, regularly reviewing their environmental performance to set realistic ecological objectives and targets. also actively tries to involve its employees and contractors in their environmental programs.

This includes providing them with appropriate levels of training and support. All decisions at the company are made by keeping ecological factors in mind. Lastly, the company takes using resources to their maximum very seriously to improve efficiency in their services.