netParcel - Cheapest Shipping Services Across North America

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  • 29-Jul-2021
Freight & Cargo

netParcel is a shipping company based on technological solutions. The company is devoted to providing its customers with the most inexpensive services in comparison to all other major carriers—netParcel guarantees to provide shippers with the cheapest shipping rates via their easy-to-use price comparison shipping platform.

The platform is well-known for its shipping services due to its combined operational and technical teams. Thus, the company is committed to providing convenience small to medium-sized businesses with access to LTL rates. This is only possible due to their cutting-edge technology.

Furthermore, the company is rigorously chasing technological advancement. This initiative enables them to provide additional services and functionality to their customer. Thus, making their service one of a kind. netParcel aims to solve their customers’ shipping needs daily.

Therefore, as a customer, you will find discounted rates, best-in-class functionality, and a whole service support team when shipping with netParcel.

Services by netParcel

netParcel is known to negotiate discounted shipping rates across small parcel and LTL couriers. The company can use its overall shipping volume to provide its customers with the cheapest rates possible. The vision at the company dictates that customers must be able to access services at affordable prices than ever before.

Thus, their platform allows users to access their small parcel and LTL rates immediately. netParcels services allow customers to be able to ship items using their courier accounts. Therefore, all customers can use all the features and functions of the netParcel website.

This service enables the company to allow cross shipping the rates chosen by the customer. Thus, ensuring access to the cheapest shipping option available for every shipment. The platform currently provides discounted shipping rates from well-known carriers in North America.

These include Loomis Express, UPS, Purolator, FedEx, DHL (International) & Bpost (International). Since all courier companies have their specified rates, a variety of options enables customers to prioritize their needs. Overall, netParcel provides shipping across North America, focusing on Canada and the United States of America.

How netParcel Works

To compare rates on the website, a customer should take the following steps. On the From and To tabs, enter address information along with shipment details. This will enable you to view all available carrier and service options.

Thereby, you can select the option that provides you with the most inexpensive rates. This includes choosing a carrier with your preferred service level. Thus, after selecting a carrier, you can schedule a pick-up time and print shipping labels within seconds.

As far as creating an account at netParcel goes, the process is straightforward. Thereby, with an account, you can immediately start to ship with their incredibly discounted shipping rates. You can also avail of the schedule and ship option on the website. This option enables you to ship at your convenient period.